4 Ways to Transform Your Boring Trade Show Booth into an Exciting One

Gone are the days when standard modular booths were preferred by exhibitors. The latest trends and introduction of creative technologies have transformed the way businesses present their brands at trade show events. Exhibitors are looking for innovative ways to make their trade show exhibits more exciting and pleasing so that it attracts more visitors.

Businesses are getting help from the best creative minds to transform their mundane trade show booth into the star-attraction of the event.

If you’re looking for ideas to transform your trade show booth, then here are 4 ways to turn your trade show exhibits from boring to exciting.

1) Install Custom Greeting Counters

Unconventional greeting counters are your best bet when it comes to creating an appealing booth. It acts as the face of your booth; therefore, the more attractive and offbeat your greeting counter is, the more likely it can draw traffic towards it. Consider installing custom greeting counters with 3D logos, unique shapes, glass layouts and eye-catching colours or place a big smartphone at the entrance as the greeting counter to welcome visitors. The attendees interested in your booth can touch the big screen to get the information they want and then move forward to the next tier of counters. It will be more interactive and engaging for visitors.

2) Set-Up Demonstrations

Talking about products during sessions or simply displaying them in glass-exhibition cases is so old-school and boring. A fun demonstration is a truly interesting and unique way of promoting the product. Set-up demonstrations at your trade show booth and show visitors what your products are capable of. If you’re a service-based business, then dedicate a separate section in the booth where attendees can come and avail the services as part of the promotion. For example, if you’re a spa or beauty salon, then offer a free pedicure or haircutting service to visitors to generate leads. You can also take incorporate a magic show, puppetry or a wheel of fortune to make the demo more fun-filled.

3) Add Props to Your Booth

Props are one thing that attracts people of all age groups. They are capable of drawing traffic to your booth and making attendees curious about what this booth has to offer. Robots, life-sized statues of your company’s icon or mascot and miniature models of products are great ideas to incorporate into your trade show booth. Place them near the entrance to spruce up your otherwise dull modular booth.

4) Choose Unconventional Flooring Options

Your trade show booth flooring can do wonders for your boring modular exhibit by adding a focal point to it. If you have a restricted budget and can’t spend a lot of money on customizing the booth to add interest, then choosing an unconventional flooring option instead of the traditional carpets can make you earn some brownie points. Ditch the basic slid carpets and choose sectional foam panelled flooring, custom-made vinyl floors with your company logo at the centre or hardwood flooring to give an elegant and sophisticated appearance to your booth. You can also consider faux grass for your floors if it goes with the theme. For example, if your company is manufacturing organic products, then faux grass is your best bet. An offbeat flooring not only gives an appealing look to your exhibits on a budget but also makes your boring modular booth stand out from the rest.

Get more from your next trade show by ditching those mundane exhibits and embracing the exciting ones. Use the above-mentioned creative ideas to spice up your trade show exhibits and attract more visitors to your booth.

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