5 Mistakes to Avoid While Setting Up Trade Show Booths

First time or for the fifty ninth time; setting up your trade show is not an easy task. There are tons of things to consider and arrange, to convince yourself and your marketing team on what your brand needs. To begin with, many still wonder whether to account trade show displays as an efficient source of marketing. But the wise will undoubtedly know what effective graphics, demonstrations and interpersonal communication at the booth can do.

The Blunders People Commonly Make

  1. Trade shows are corporate celebrations: So? Many reckon it as a waste of money. The big graphics, plasma screens, tables, lighting and personnel assigned, promise a big event but never a party. This assemblage of useful exhibits and smart employees are for a profit-driven purpose; the amazing presentation of an exhibition is done to enhance the flux of visitors though with an essence of festivity.
  1. The labor is uncooperative: To install the trade show exhibits you think you need to employ individuals and add to your already burdening budget? On the contrary with advanced technology the displays are accessible in transportable bags, where only two employees are enough to settle the display exhibit. It is possible because the exhibits consist of expandable and contractible metallic frames with straps to hold on the graphics.
  1. Common trade show theme: It would be a complete waste if you land your company in the wrong show. But it is commendable if you could engage your attendees with diversities, a little unconventionally. There are multiple ways to make your booth stand out. If you are in the travel industry, you would want to showcase site-seeing in Thailand. You can dress your employees in traditional Thai dress or make arrangements for a side show of their popular nail dance. This will provide a glimpse to your visitors as what to expect on the ideal location, as promised by your travelling agency.
  1. Staying within constraints: While your team members are other subordinates are equally proficient, every human has specific fields of comfort. One masters in verbal communication, the other can remember facts and generate a lead, while the third may wear a theme concerned dress and amaze the gathered mass. Hence, it is up to you to choose the staff for trade show exhibition analyzing their strengths and weaknesses thoroughly.
  1. Type of investment: You may intend to invest in trade show displays more than once in a year. There is no need to indulge hefty amount in each, unless you are eagerly willing to do so. Since marketing team has campaigning phases planned out way before the event, you can segregate the big from the small ones. For instance, make use of the smaller one for constant reminder of your brand presence whereas spend more while informing mass to enhance business revenue.

Once the trade show ends, ask your team to follow up leads. The attendees asked for product or service details because they were curious. When you get back to these interested visitors, you might close a few deals. Exhibits are not meant for one-time use. Take proper care of the exhibits, as they can be used in similar trade shows in future.

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