5 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Not Hire a Professional Videographer Service for Your Trade Show Booth

Trade shows provide fantastic opportunities for creating brand awareness and promoting your products and services. But in a crowded trade show environment, you get a small window to capture the attention of the visitors through your exhibits. Having effective audio-visuals help you communicate your message and boosts audience engagement.

While you can assign the task to your staff, hiring a professional videographer service will almost always provide you with better materials. Here’s five ways how a hiring a professional trade show video service can benefit you.

  1. Get High Quality Videos

By hiring a professional, you’ll have access to crisp HD videos, which is something that most visitors expect. HD filming and editing make it look better on the large HD TV screens in your booth. Moreover, the ideal video production team has skilled script developers who have experience in Marketing and PR, particularly related to trade shows and conventions. Appropriate voice over talent and music score is usually also provided. You’ll be able to concentrate on other areas while the professionals will take care of your teasers, on-site booth videos and post-show visuals.

  1. Spread Brand Message Effectively

During a trade show, you have 5 minutes or less to grab a person’s attention. Your trade show video must be able to keep your audience interested long enough to get across your brand message. Professional trade show video services understand how to do this—by constructing a well researched buyer personas. Through buyer personas, the production team can communicate your products or services in such a way that it solves your customer’s problems. This critical marketing point can often get ignored if you don’t hire a professional service. They are committed to make your videos memorable and helping your business get results.

  1. Increase Retention

Videos have a much stronger impact on an audience than static displays. Through dynamic images, music and voice over, videos stimulate multiple senses. Professionally made videos help your brand’s materials get retained by the audience.

  1. Impress the Audience

Professionally made videos help your brand make an impression on the minds of your audience. While one minute teasers can attract visitors to your booth, great footage of the event day. The venue, crowds, interviews/testimonials of customers, product demonstrations, inside-the-booth moments, etc. filmed with industry standard techniques, can wow an audience.

  1. Repurpose Trade Show Videos

A professional trade show video service will allow for your videos to be repurposed on various social media platforms. You can share teasers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and other company profiles. You can also upload or embed the videos on your company website. Studies reveal that this can increase your website’s ranking and conversion rate. Ask your staff and employees to share the video on their personal social media accounts along with your event hash tags.  You can also use the videos for future sales promotions.

If you think hiring a professional service will only increase your costs, think again. A great trade show video has the potential to give your business a significant ROI. A professional video service can give you an immediate edge over your competitors.

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