5 Reasons Your Trade Show Needs Useful Literature Stands

Remember the times when you felt perturbed with the piled up magazines lying on the counter tops? Then think what impression it made on the minds of your visitors. The worth of instructive magazines falls through when stacked in a disorderly manner.

What can be done then to display the reading materials?

You can anytime make use of affordable literature stands. A literature stand is crafted out of sturdy material in stylish patterns and variant shades of colour like black and silver.

They have specific number of slots or pockets to accommodate the printed materials. Because of its versatility to hold product catalogues, service brochures or details specific pamphlets, it is also known as catalogue display and pamphlet rack.

The Ways a Literature Stand is Useful  

  1. Although a literature stand is well-built, yet it is light in weight and comes enclosed in handy bags. Thus, irrespective of the distance or transport, you can carry a literature stand easily to the required destination.
  1. They empower you to gain more space to accommodate other display elements. For example, instead of crowding the booth entry with staff to hand over leaflets or pamphlets, the prospective customers will themselves reach to the source of information. Even the portable counter tops can be put to use by enlightening visitors with audio-visual messages on the monitors.
  1. Unorganized stacking or hand-to-hand distribution will ultimately wear or mutilate the printed literature. Even if you have to discard one copy of catalogue, imagine the loss of effort you gave for the making the attractive visualization and money you paid for the glossy pages.
  1. You have the chance of converting every attendee into a consumer or subscriber. But with hundreds of eager visitors, will you be able to attend each and every one of them to quench the thirst of their keenness. Hence, the call for a literature stand to display readable materials in well-organized manner.
  1. The visitors are free to choose any version of data, unlike you limiting the prospect by handling over flyers to few and brochures to others. Not only the number of visitors is vast but also the limitation of time restricts you from reaching all the prospective customers. With literature stands, interested individuals can fetch information they are looking for with ease.

Literature stands are reachable in alluring forms as many multiple pockets. For some change you can also try the tiered pattern, where 3 slots are allocated at front and back of the stand to engage visitors from all angles.  Literature stands can be customized to befit the theme of your booth. This is the most amazing facet associated with these display props.

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