5 Tips to Cut Waste at Your Next Trade Show

A big-budget trade show is a great opportunity for businesses to display their latest products to a large target audience. But, it’s also a place which witnesses a lot of wasted resources. From wasting papers with pamphlets, flyers, and brochures to using an enormous amount of energy to illuminate the venue, almost all trade shows generate plenty of waste.

With the increasing pollution concerns, it is time that trade shows follow sustainable practices and organise green events. You can start your contribution to reducing wastage at your next trade show by following these 5 tips to cut down on the amount of wasted material.

Use Recyclable Materials

One of the easiest ways to reduce wastage and create an eco-friendly trade show booth is by using recyclable or recycled materials. Use recycled paper to print pamphlets, flyers and business cards, select recycled cardboard for displays and choose to create simpler trade show booth design that requires fewer materials and set up space. Nylon-free banners, water-based ink instead of VOV paints and bamboo furniture pieces are also great options to reduce waste.

Switch to Energy-Efficient Lights

Ultra-bright lights and illuminated booths consume a lot of energy. Being mindful of energy consumption is important to cut down the unnecessary use of resources. Choose energy-efficient LED lights instead of halogens and energy guzzling spotlights. Make sure that you switch off the electronic equipment when not in use and reduce your booth’s energy consumption.

Choose Usable Promotional Giveaways

Handing out giveaways that are of no use to the attendees is a complete waste. Offer useful promotional giveaways such as a t-shirt, a water bottle, a canvas bag or a notepad with your logo printed or engraved on it. These giveaways are brand-oriented as they are displaying your logo and can be used by the attendees after the trade show. Pointless giveaways such as brochures and booklets often end up in the dustbin, thus wasting plenty of paper and ink.

Rent Trade Show Exhibits

Many exhibitors believe that larger-than-life booths are the ones that attract the maximum number of attendees and hence, they need to buy enormous displays. But, buying such big booths can waste a large number of materials and resources. Therefore, if you want to make it big at the trade shows without increasing your carbon footprint, rent trade show exhibits instead of buying.

Go Digital

Using recycled paper is a great way of cutting down on waste. But, there are certain places where you can do without using any kind of paper. Eliminate the wastage of paper by going digital. For example, instead of sending an invitation to your guests on paper, send information via email, replace printed banners with digitalized banners and to collect information about the visitors for follow-up, use a tablet instead of printed form.

Following sustainable practices at trade shows will not only reduce your carbon footprint but also create a positive impression of your brand. Consider going green at your next trade show and make your contribution towards the environment.

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