5 Tips to Crush Your Competition during Trade Shows

Many companies put in a lot of time, money and effort to show off their brand during a trade show. Dozens to hundreds of companies with different strategies are vying for the attention of potential consumers.

It can be hard to compete, especially if your company is new. Thankfully, there are five things you and your team can do to stand out at a trade show. They are:

  1. Focus on your needs

Before you begin any marketing campaign (tradeshow-related or otherwise), you need to know what you’re trying to accomplish. When you have a plan in place, discuss it with your team. Make sure they all know their roles and understand the importance of what they’re doing. Throughout the tradeshow, continue to focus on your needs and keep everyone on track. If an action isn’t increasing your brand’s visibility or addressing customers, then stop it immediately.

  1. Invest wisely

Due to overconfidence and an inflated ego, many companies make the mistake of confusing spending with success. They’ll spend large sums of money to get a massive booth and ornate displays, assuming it’ll automatically translate to publicity.

To invest wisely and avoid unnecessary costs, you need some research. Find out what your customers want and focus on that. Handwritten notes and small gifts can have a greater impact on the staying power of your brand, over a poorly thought out lavish booth if it’s what your customers want.

  1. Take (smart) risks

The biggest, most expensive booths don’t always win trade shows. A smaller booth can be a strong competitor if it’s interesting, engaging and creative enough. Take risks with your displays so they stand out from your competition, just don’t go overboard. Make sure you have a plan to measure ROI and act accordingly.

  1. Invest in creative displays

People are visual creatures. A big beautiful display could exactly what your booth needs to draw in a lot of attention. You need your display, and booth, to be eye-catching and visually distinct from your competitors. There’ll be a lot of other distractions at the event, so if you don’t stand out, then you’re just wasting your time.

  1. Create an engaging video

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand pictures. Instead of just telling visitors how great your company and products are, show them with a video. Keep it short, to the point and most importantly, engaging.

Trade shows are an excellent way for your business to gain the exposure it needs. But, you can get overlooked and sidelined very easily. Attendees should be able to remember your brand even after the show is over.

Big and established brands may be intimidating to compete against, but this can work to your advantage. Be the new fun kid on the block and make things more interesting for the attendees. Follow these strategies and have your business stand out and become a success during trade show events.

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