Basics for a Successful Trade Show Event

For small businesses, participating in big events means big expenditure. To generate high sales and safeguard profit margin, it is imperative to make your presence in a trade show event a gigantic success. There are some basics which are absolutely indispensable for those who want to make a mark at such exhibits.

  • Booth Staff

Training booth staff is an important aspect of any trade show exhibit. The behavior of staff must be friendly yet professional. Ensure that they do not engage in amateurish activities in event area right in front of the visitors. This not only negates their professionalism but might prove to be distracting as well. They can take turns in going out so that the booth does not remain unattended during anytime. Also, the staff should know how to mingle with the crowd. Discourage your staff from chatting together in groups as that might dissuade people from coming to your booth.

  • Dressing up

Every occasion demands particular attention to attires and this is no exception. Though in most events the dress code is business casuals; it is best to avoid jeans. You can wear something with your brand logo embossed on it. But make sure that it is high quality as inexpensive items may make you look under-dressed and sloppy and you will fail to create the desired impression. Wear badges or name tags. Also try to hide flashy tattoos to increase your corporate appeal. Piercings in inappropriate places should be hidden as well.

  • Speeches

While preparing your sales pitch tread with caution. Avoid boring long speeches and instead focus on the important points that need to be driven home without ruminating on trivial aspects. Stress on advantages of using your product and how you can cater to your clients’ needs better.

  • Body Language

This one element is often ignored but it can turn out to be a crucial factor for your success. Do not stand at the entrance with your arms crossed or look away when talking to some prospective client. Do not sit down, put your feet up or do something equally disturbing that could be beyond common etiquettes leading to unfavourable impressions.

  • Whom to talk to

While mingling, be mindful about whom you are talking to. It just will not do to stand and chat with time-wasters and trust me you are going to be inundated with such people. Before starting a conversation do find out their names, designations and reasons for coming there. This will allow you to address the queries of prospective clients better so that you can cater to the needs of actual potential customer better.

After you generate a lot of traffic in your booth by these methods do follow up with qualified leads. Request their business cards and contact them within a week otherwise the entire purpose of the event is lost.

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