Buying or Renting Trade Show Exhibits – Which is Better?

Participating in trade shows is very important for all businesses – large or small. However the key to success of participating in such shows lies largely on the exhibits that you choose for display. This makes it important that you have the right kind of display that showcases all your brand essentials like logs, design, products, etc. With numerous companies providing various kinds of displays, it can be pretty confusing for business owners or traders to decide whether to buy or hire these displays on rent. Let us look at which could be a better option for them.


No matter how big or small your business is, every business has to have an advertising and promotional budget. If you are a small business working on a small budget, then hiring displays is always a good idea. Most displays that are given out as rentals are refurbished to cater to the business requirements and look almost new. While if you are a big business, you can afford to invest in custom booths and other displays that you can use in various trade show booths.


Another important advantage of going with rented displays is that you have the option of changing designs and colors and get exactly what you want. Displaying the same thing over and over again across several trade shows will add monotony to your brand. Renting displays is a very flexible option as compared to buying them because you will not be able to spend much on refurbishing them and get new designs or layouts. But buying your own customized trade show displays will give you exactly what you want as compared rented ones, where one may need to compromise on a factor or two.


If you have the option of renting displays, you can hire depending upon the space in the trade show booth. Not all booths are equal and may not be able to accommodate all that you want to display. In case of hiring you have the option what to display and what not to have in your booth. This also gives you flexibility of expenditure. While if you invest in buying such displays, you may but naturally want to put everything on display. However, not all booths may give you the space to do so and you will end up having a cluttered look failing your purpose of participation in the trade show.

In conclusion, what you want to display, what activities you plan to have in your booth, space available, product demonstrations, etc. are all important factors that you need to consider while either buying or hiring trade show displays.

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