Graphic Modular Booths

Graphic Modular systems have the ability to make a strong visual statement while at the same time being able to be customised in shape to your specific needs. The end design is only limited by your imagination. They can also be combined with shelving/ cabinets to accommodate product and monitor stands to suit almost any requirement. Finalize your look by accentuating with furniture and accessories.

graphic-modular1Sometimes it’s all about the sizzle. This 20’ custom modular back wall is an example of something that’s perfect for a more upscale look. The many contours and curves give it a complex yet slick look.







In this display, the images literally pop out due to the contours and back lighting.

A large format monitor can be added to most booths to bring vivid motion to your display.







Sometimes a simple elegant backdrop is all that is required. This is a dye sublimated fabric on an aluminium extrusion. Very light weight yet impactful.

Counters and literature stands can be added to round out the booth appearance.

Just ask us for design options and ideas.

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