20 ' Modular Booths


When lots of product needs to be displayed a 20’ custom modular back wall style of booth may be just what you need. It provides a very large amount of display area.

Radiant Exhibits has a complete inventory of profiles systems for rental applications. We can morph the design to match your preferred balance of product display vs. graphics.



This 20’ custom modular back wall is also perfect for heavy product. A large format monitor can also be attached creating a more dynamic and visually engaging display.

Do you have an unusual sized space? We will build to your specific needs and can accommodate non-standard sizes such as a 15’ booth space.

Booths can be customized with accessories such as literature stands and customized counters with curved sides. Accent lighting and back lighting always add a nice touch to polish off a booth.





If shelving is what you need, we have several solutions to offer. Just ask us.

We can also build custom display units of odd shapes like steps or connected cubes, or good old fashioned cabinets with accent lighting.






Example of a 20' full slat wall all product. Ideal for shelving and pegging.









Example of a modular system with shelving added to create a combined Graphic and Product oriented booth.











Example of how a 20’ space could be divided for separate product lines. Unique branding with a common theme.

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