Choose your Trade Show Staff Wisely!

A trade show booth is all about creating awareness about your brand. The success of a trade show does not entirely depend upon banner stands, graphical displays, accessories, etc. The staff employed at a trade show booth is also greatly instrumental in augmenting sales and growth for a business. The quality of staff present at the booth will greatly determine your success. You have to remember that your trade show booth is meant for initializing sales and not for offering over the counter sales operations.

It is important that you select your staff for a trade show with care because he or she should be capable of answering all queries that visitors pose. They ought to be well informed and educated about the service or product that you are pitching at the trade show. If you are trying to sell a highly technical product then the staff representing the company should be well aware of every aspect of the product like technical specifications, installation procedure, after sales service, warranty, etc. and should be in a position to give a demonstration if needed. The same holds true for services as well. If your company is a part of the service industry then your staff ought to have adequate knowledge about that as well. Prospective clients may ask for detailed information regarding the product. So in case you do not have trained personnel, your brand is bound to face the heat.

Though having exhaustive knowledge about a product or service is extremely important, the staff at trade show booths should also be adept in communication and speaking skills so that they can create a positive impression about the product, the company, its services, reputation etc. It is best to have more than one person at a booth and a combination of marketing and technical staff is idea. Marketing personnel are good at convincing prospective customers while the technical staff and satisfy all the technical queries. Your staff at a trade show booth ought to be impressive enough because they are representatives of your brand and your image.

Adequate knowledge and presentation are important aspects for staff that are at trade show booths. However, another vital consideration is your target segment. You need to keep in mind that your personnel should be able to create an instant connect with your target customers. All these factors make it worthwhile to invest in proper training of staff that will be at the trade show booth. Also these personnel should have a highly energetic and impressionable disposition. You need to choose people who are completely focused on delivering more than 100%. Studies have proved that training such staff reaps richer benefits than those who are not. If necessary you can hire the services of a professional trainer who can impart the necessary preparation required for trade shows.

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