Creating Trade Show Booths in a Limited Budget

Trade shows, exhibitions and public events present great opportunity to businesses to show case their brand and connect to target audiences. Such events attract good crowd and offer an effective platform for businesses to promote their products and services. Contrary to the belief that trade show booths are an expensive proposition for most, here we discuss how trade show booths can be successfully created with a small or limited budget.

When it comes to competition, it is cut throat for small and medium businesses that do not have substantial capital and budget for promotional purposes. The key here for them lies in innovation and creativity in designing their trade show booths for best results in the form of maximum footfalls. It is quite possible to shop wisely for your booth. Talking of trade show booths, there are two possibilities. The first case being that you are a first timer and have to invest in a booth and second is that you are a regular who operates with a limited budget. In both cases you can give a new fresh look to your booth by getting a little creative and innovative.

  • Give a facelift

If you already have some trade show display products, you can make a huge difference by adding a few new add-ons to the existing ones. You can also tweak and make changes in the current displays with a new design or layout or colors making it a crowd puller! Customize the existing displays to add new features or products.

  • Prominent Design

Ensure that your displays have a prominent and eye catching design that attracts crowds, especially your target segment. Your logo or signature product should stand out in the displays, making it easy for the attendees to understand and identify what you are offering.

  • Display of information

You also need to display important information like address, product range, contact details, etc. in the displays. However, remember not to overcrowd the displays as that shall give them a cluttered and messed up look. It will also be difficult for the attendees to read if excessive information is displayed. Choose what you must share with your visitors in clear legible font and size. Also pay attention to the format that you select.

  • Choice of color

Choose colors for your displays that complement your company logo. Extreme contrasts may look attractive but may fail to make the desired impact for excessive colorfulness. The color combination should be such that whatever you wish to share and display comes across clearly to your niche.

  • Portable, lightweight and reusable

Go for displays that can be reused and revamped with ease so that they can be utilized at different events and shows. You can also consider rental options when budget is a limitation. Lightweight display products will help you carry them easily to different venues without spending much on shipment. Also these displays are easy to put up and may not require professional help for installation or dismantling.

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