Hanging Signs: Innovative Way to Set Your Brand Apart

Hanging signs, the simplicity imbedded within the name automatically signifies something visual, dangling from a support meant to attract attendees with its visual impression. The strength of this display element lies in its uniqueness to be placed distinctly suspended from an edge. This exclusivity enables it to be seen from anywhere in the booth.

In marketing world, hanging signs are fine and reasonable priced displays acquiring small space.

Want a better explanation?

You are helpless when your brand display gets lost in the crowd of other products or services. With each booth, trying every possible measure to attract maximum number of attendees you must try something offbeat.

  • To overcome this complex competitive phase; hanging a magnanimous and colourful sign from the ceiling of your booth will simply hit-off.
  • The entire set-up consists of a metallic frame available in variant shapes, materials and attachment.
  • Broadly the hanging signs are accessible in the following shapes:  A. circle, triangle, square, rectangle; and B. tapered circle, triangle, square, rectangle and tube.

How are they beneficial?

They make a captivating presence: The fabric on the metallic frame is generally custom printed. This allows the combination of creative information, individualized brand logo and alluring amalgamation of vibrant colours.

They guide your visitors: Can you imagine the dilemma of a casual attendee? The visitor gets confounded in the assemblage of so many trade show displays. A hanging sign allows you to let your interested visitors know about your presence and position.

They promote your brand name: Someone among your target audience or not, an appealing hanging sign engages the searching eyes of the exhibition attendees. That way it permits you to promote your brand name and tactfully pull-in curious visitors.

Benefit of position and appearance: Suspending down from a support, it empowers you to make use of even the ceiling of a display area. Don’t undervalue its capacity compared to other constituents of display booth. With its disparate location and shape it is irreproachable return of investment.

Highly cost-effective tool of promotion: Hanging signs are less expensive compared to other forms of display items. The tension fabric doesn’t wear or tear that easily and can be used multiple times. Moreover, if some change is required, all you have to do is spend for the new fabric and obtain an all new hanging sign.

The connecting rods of the metallic frame, can be assembled and disassembled back comfortably without any hassle. Packed inside a nylon carry bag, hanging signs extremely light-weight can be transported easily. Thus, effortless change of fabrics and ease of carriage make dangling signs highly selectable.

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