Ideas to Attract More Crowds to Your Trade Show Booth

Participation and presentation at trade shows is perhaps one of the most important promotional tools that businesses have. They present the opportunity to business owners to showcase their brand and reinforce their presence in the industry. Trade shows are also a great option to connect with target audiences and reach out to them effectively. However, a mere presence will not work to get desired results. As a business owner you have to be creative in your approach and constantly look for new marketing concepts to incorporate into your trade show booth so that you attract more crowds. It is always good to attend various shows and events in as well as outside of your industry to get new ideas and see what others are doing.

Exhibit manufacturing companies offer a multitude of options for trade show displays through dynamic products with unique designs. They are abreast of latest promotional trends and techniques that result in creation of best promotional exhibits for businesses. Thinking out of the box will help you attract more people to your booth and give your business a competitive edge over your rivals. Here we discuss some ideas that shall help you get more people to your booth.

  • Photography

Photography is a very attractive and interesting incentive for visitors at trade shows. People love to get clicked and get super imposed pictures on impressive backgrounds. You can use your company’s logo, colours on interesting backgrounds like a well known magazine or newspaper, Hollywood red carpet, etc. or you can also have a special chair for people who want to get clicked. All you need to ensure that you have your company somewhere in the picture. Since people preserve their own pictures, your brand is sure to stay with them for a long time to come.

  • Keynote speakers

CEOs or Directors or brand ambassadors are great star attractions at trade shows and all the more better if you can rope them in as keynote speakers. Some trade shows also have the option of sponsoring such speakers. The presence of such a personality is bound to attract people to your booth. Appropriate publicity about keynote speakers in advance will also ensure that you have a sizeable crowd at your trade show booth.

  • Added Attractions

Have added attractions like refreshments, candies for children, cash machine, prize wheels, live magician or some other entertainer, love food counter, contests and prizes, makeovers, personality analysis, etc. in your trade show booth to attract attendees. Have a counter where you can have one on one discussion with prospective customers where you can answer their queries and share information about special offers and deals on your product or service.

  • Real time sharing of content

You can stream live videos of what’s happening at the trade show to your website for those who are unable to attend the show. You can have live product demonstrations and have interviews with visitors. You can also post real time content and live updates on social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, YouTube, etc. during and after the show.

Implementing all or few of these ideas will certainly help you get more crowds to your booth, making your participation a great success.

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