Pop-Up Displays – The Answer to Your Trade Show Problems

There are a lot of choices when it comes to types of exhibits to use at a trade show. Most of these displays have a major drawback in budget, weight, transportation or set-up. However, there is one type of display that is adaptable, fitting into any situation.

Pop-up displays excel in customization and flexibility. They allow you to focus on important things, such as addressing visitors. That isn’t their only advantage. There are five other benefits that pop-up displays have over other displays.

5 Beneficial Features of Pop-Up Displays

  1. Lightweight: The supporting frame is typically made from metal, making it durable. The metal is composed of sturdy aluminium. This means that even though it’s metallic, the entire display is extremely light-weight. The graphic panels are made of polyester fabric, which are also light-weight.
  2. Portable: What if you have more than one trade shows scheduled on a single day? Not to worry! Pop-up displays easily fold into a wheeled case. This makes them easy to transport from one trade show to another.
  3. Easy to set-up: The metallic frame can be easily expanded and locked. The entire process can be done within minutes by a single person. All you have to do is stretch the frame until the magnetic spacer bars lock. Likewise, to put it back in its case, contract the spacers back so it fits into the storage bag. The fabric panels can be easily fastened onto the frame via Velcro straps or magnetic channel bars to make assembly even easier.
  4. Stretchable fabric: A major benefit of pop-up displays is that they come with stretchable fabrics. The tension polyester fabric allows you to expand and place the graphic panel onto the frame.
  5. Cost-effective: If you keep the frame intact, you can just order a new graphic panel for an upcoming product exhibition or service display, instead of buying an entirely new display. This flexibility makes them cost-effective. The frame can be utilized for many years.

Besides trade exhibitions, pop-up displays can also be used for employee training, corporate meetings and other events. They come in various sizes, so you can choose which best fits your needs. For these reasons, consider getting pop-up displays to add some life to your business’ next trade show.

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