Quad Matrix Family

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Product Details

Radiant Quad Matrix graphics are produced using a process called dye sublimation. This process essentially burns your image into a durable, washable stretch fabric graphic. These graphics are washable and resistant to wrinkling and fading. If your graphic gets dirty or stained, you can put it in the washing machine or take it to the dry cleaners. Hence, Quad Matrix dye-sub fabric graphics last much longer than typical inkjet or screen printed graphics.

The ultra-light skeleton makes the unit highly portable. The sleek fabric skins make the Quad matrix a perfect solution for an easy to assemble, yet vibrant display.


Quad Matrix basic single quad 1 X 1


Single Quad SIZE: 29.25” W x 29.25” H

SAFE TEXT AND LOGO AREA: 23.25” W x 23.25” H

BLEED SIZE: 0.5” Perimeter

SIZE w/ BLEED: 30.25” W x 30.25” H

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