Table Top Displays: Advantages and Availability

Exhibit companies are introducing innovative display products, to uphold excellent brand image in the eyes of the target audience. Every section of business is making use of promotional displays to reach prospective customers. But depending on the size and holding capacity, display items can be rather expensive.

As we know, promoting a brand is a ceaseless process. Direct or indirect advertising is continuously used to remind the consumers of brand and product existence. The problem arises when finance becomes a constraint. Thus, exhibit experts have come up with the remarkable concept of cost-effective table top displays.

The Merits of Table Top Displays

Comfortable to carry: An organization may have many business pitching events on a single day. Disassembling of display exhibits, packing and carrying to the next destination is time consuming and tiring process. This is where one looks for light-weight, easy-to-carry and simply dismantled display units. Table top displays, possess all the qualities to meet such random purpose of exhibitions, with its graphic fabric low on weight and well-designed case for carriage.

Brilliant medium of communication: The graphic panel acts as a pop-up display. Just like any trade show display, the main purpose of making-use of a table top display is to communicate flawlessly with the visitors, in minimum time using compact space. The dexterity of marketing team in emphasising the selling-point of any product or service can be very well captured in table top displays.

Provision to customize: The table top displays are accessible in limitless range of colour, size and shape; crafted to complement other exhibition displays with grandeur. When you plan to place the company logo, product or service related images and text, talk with concerned exhibit organization; they will understand your needs and guide the customization of the displays.

The Readiness of Table Top Displays-

  • The fabric panels are placed on low-weight metallic aluminium frame.
  • To make things easier at the user-end, the frame has adjoined channel bars and spacer-bars with snap-lock system.
  • Straight or curved, the display fabrics are commonly available in measures of 6 and 8 foot. The type of fabric varies.
  • The fabric panels are made attachable with the help of Velcro straps. Generally, there are 3 panels for front-display and 2 panels for side-display.
  • In case of stretchable fabric displays, they can be slipped onto the aluminium frame and zipped for closure.
  • Mural table top displays have 1200 dot-per-inch for colourful and high-resolution image quality.

Table top displays are affordable compared to other species. Placed inside sturdy transport bags, they are suitable for any corporate necessity and exhibition location. The display kits come with LED light to spotlight the content.

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