The Dummy’s Guide to a Successful Trade Show Exhibit

Rocking a trade show with a stellar booth or sign can be real difficult at times; considering the competition which is nothing better than slit throats.  Moreover, displays have come along a long way to have witnessed steady and continuous change in terms of their look and appeal. When you are on a tight budget in case of being a start-up, things can go against you. Don’t worry, this dummy’s guide is here to make you aware of all and anything that you can do for a successful trade exhibit minus the pricey options.


Involve maximum time in research so that you get to know how many people are visiting and what the potential audience is expecting from the trade show. That way, you will able to design and devise your custom trade show exhibit to gather maximum eyeballs. Give maximum time for planning. Setting up your identity in a mega exhibition isn’t easy and it generally takes more than 12-15 months for anyone to do their homework right if they are looking to make maximum impact.

Involve the Very Best from your Team

It’s wise to consider the very best of your option when you are out there to make a mark. In other words, involving the top professionals from your team to control the helm of affairs for a trade show is what you should be doing if you want to get the balls rolling. Also, make sure that you have pre-defined the goals and objectives for the exhibition. Indulge into espionage and brief your top liners on how to better on your competitor’s weakness. Learn from the show and apply the same there on.

Inviting your Loyal Customers

Invite your loyal customers through effective newsletters that will provide an update about the upcoming show your booth is listed. Make up the scenario at least a month ahead of the actual date and throw in weekly remainders through mail so that they are already aware of your presence and what to expect from your booth at the exhibition.

Prepare to Answer

No matter what or how, you should always be ready to answer all kinds of questions from visitors in the trade show exhibition. If the product or service you offer involves technical questions, make sure your team is laced up with answers to almost each and every questions.

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