Trade Show Success Tips for 2017

Trade shows have undergone a dramatic change in the last few years. What used to be events focusing on networking, is now driven towards attracting the attention of attendees and proactive participation.

It isn’t enough anymore to have well-spoken staff or a brand name in your trade booth. You need more to stand out from the competition.

Capture Leads through Mobile Technology

Mobile technology has become nearly ubiquitous in 2017. Everything from ordering a meal to checking finances can now be done on a phone. If you want your booth to be successful, your marketing strategy needs to tap into this technology.

Use mobile apps to send promotional alerts about the details of trade shows to potential attendees. Create your own app and correspond with your prospective attendees for upcoming events. Social media should also be used to update and engage with your audience.

Touch Technology to Boost Engagement

Touch technology is a great way to get audience engagement. It adds an element of physicality to your display that would otherwise be lacking with a flat display. Virtual demonstrations and even surveys can be made to be interactive. If the UI is well designed, they can even be fun.

Hanging Structures in 2017 with Personalised Booths

Hanging displays are another way to increase interest in your booth. 3D structures hanging atop your booth signals to attendees that your booth has something to offer. Plus, it acts as a beacon for anyone seeking your booth or products.

Better Space Utilization

Utilize space to provide your audience an area to move around and interact. An over cluttered space is uninviting. To maximize space, be selective about what you choose to display. If a display is large, make sure there’s a reasonable ROI on it before you decide to include it. Space is valuable, so be frugal. Cut where you can and try to capture attention with innovative designs and displays.

If your booth wasn’t doing so great last year, then 2017 is the time to change that. Use the latest technology to really stand out and engage your audience. Have it highlight what your products and brand can offer consumers.

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