Unique Ideas to Engage and Attract Traffic in a Trade Show

There are so many booths in a trade show that it becomes a necessity to stand out from the crowd to attract traffic and maximize the investment. So how do you do it? The key lies in doing something unique and here are some ideas on how to go about that.

  • Photography or photo booth

This is a really great way of attracting attention of people visiting the fair to your booth. Click photos of attendees and stream them online. You can even superimpose the clicks on backgrounds like surf boards and news magazines. Another way to give a twist to this trend is to put up an over-sized banner with your logo and place a couple of chairs in front of it where people can sit and get clicked to carry back home. This will act as a memento for the people and marketing tool for your company.

  • Live product demonstrations

A perfect way to engage visitors, live product demonstrations will create ideal amount of awareness for your products and services as well. This will also increase the brand’s recall value and help the product sell better once the people stop and observe what your product can actually do.

  • Hiring keynote speakers

Try to hire some popular keynote speakers to be present at your booth and talk to the crowd. These speeches can be conducted at specified times and is a great mode to generate a buzz about your presence and company. In fact, you can also grab opportunities to sponsor some speakers at the event; this sponsorship will ensure that your company is promoted there and interested participants can be directed to your stall.

  • Offering tea, coffee or candy

This is another way of creating a buzz. Keep in mind to place refreshments away from the display area so that visitors can look at the products yet enjoy a cup of coffee. Moreover, as visitors engage in eating or drinking you can get a few extra minutes to shared detailed advantages of using your products.

  • Product launch

Events and exhibitions give a wonderful opportunity for launching of products or making new announcements. Such events ensure that the attention of people is captured as they come to exhibit area for extra information on something new in the industry.

  • Giving product sample

A much adopted and extremely effective method conducted at expos is giving away free product samples. This gives a unique scope for customers to feel the product and acts as an incentive to crowd stalls as well.

  • Conduct competitions

Another sure-shot way of gathering good footfall is to organize competitions, lucky draws and other engaging activities. But whatever you go for make sure that it is simple, fast and fun so as to not put people off instead of attracting them.

These are some exceptional techniques that can help generate a buzz around your exhibit area and compel people to visit it.

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