How to Use Social Media for a Successful Trade Show

Incorporating social media into your trade show marketing strategy is a great way to enhance your business’s presence in the event. It enables you to extend your reach and increases the visibility of your business. Social media is an essential marketing channel that you can integrate with your trade shows to connect with your existing and potential customers. Your company’s website, blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all play an important role in building a strong relationship with your customers and show attendees.

If you have a marketing event lined up, then here are some social media tactics to use for your trade show promotion.

Before the Show

  • Create a pre-show buzz to build a platform for your trade show booth. Make your presence felt before the event so that your attendees get acquainted with your business.
  • Create your booth’s official hashtag on Twitter. Use that hashtag to tweet and promote your presence at the show. Be active and follow the latest trends surrounding the hashtag.
  • Take a short video (teaser) with your mobile phone explaining your business, campaign and the latest inclusions you’ll be showcasing. Upload it on YouTube and share the link with your audience.
  • Take photos of your booth labour staff during the installation process. Post these photos on your social media accounts to create anticipation.
  • Create an ‘Event Page’ on Facebook specifically for the trade show and invite attendees to join the page.
  • Create a landing page on your website specifically for the event. Publish all information regarding the upcoming show on this webpage.

During the Show

Regularly update your social media channels to make the most of the tools. Don’t get caught up during the show. You need to stay active.

  • Post testimonials from your current customers that have come to your booth. Post about their experience and what they liked the most from your trade show exhibits.
  • Take photos of your booth and visitors to display on your website and other social media accounts.
  • Take a video of your speaker while presenting and share his/her speech through Facebook, Twitter, etc. to get mileage.
  • Post photos of the visitors with exciting giveaways on Facebook and Twitter to attract more attendees.
  • Use your blog to publish the highlights of the event. For example, write a blogpost to give a sneak peek about the usefulness of the new product or service launched by your company.

After the Show

  • Go through the list of visitors that are interested in connecting with you. Connect with them on LinkedIn, follow them on Twitter and like their Facebook page.
  • Share your experience about the trade show through a blogpost. Highlight the number of visitors, contest winners and testimonials of customers with the help of your blog.
  • Add a personal touch by sending an email to the visitors. Send them the links to your social media posts and blogs regarding the event for a quick recap.

Social media is a powerful instrument that can help in business promotion.  It is an effective medium in developing relationships with your customers on a larger scale. The next time you exhibit with your trade show booths, try implementing these ideas to get the best ROI.

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