What Makes Trade Show Booth Rentals a Smart Option?

It ain’t exactly Hamlet, but to rent or not to rent is still an important question. The thumb rule of the industry goes on to say that if you have been using the same trade show exhibit for more than three occasions, one can purchase the same as well. However, if it’s a one time affair, nothing beats a rental.

In case you have been dwindling between renting and purchase decisions, here are three reasons to go for a rented display instead of shelling out cash for buying the same.

Trade Show Booth Rental

  1. For an organization that is a start–up, budget is a constraint that provokes all decisions. In fact, it governs it too. Hence, trade show booths are a great option for them. It’s no denying that the CEO and CFO’s would like to say as minimum of assets listed on their balance sheets which make renting a more viable option for them rather than buying it.
  2. A try before you buy option is what makes renting the most sought after option for companies who wish to hit the stands at the exhibition for the very first time. A trade show exhibit that has an international touch is also a place where the budget plays a pivotal role and hence renting is an option that is preferred by many advertisers and traders as it allows them to gauge the audience and what kind of recognition their stands are receiving at the exhibition. If the business is not doing any good, buying a trade show booth is fated to incur loos and add up more on the company balance sheets.
  3. Custom, modular trade show booths available on rent are generally available at one third the price of buying. Hence, it is one of the most befitting option for elaborate displays and anyplace where it requires maximum exposure which when considered to buy usually involves hundreds of dollars. Plus, there involves manual labor who will help you put up the trade show signs at the exhibitions. Hence, renting trade show booth can help you save money so that you don’t end up spending more than you actually came for or you are allowed to afford on a single exhibition.

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