What’s Grammar Got to Do with Trade Shows?

Bright graphics and crisp, clear photos work to create a great impact on your visitors, attracting them to your customized trade show booth that you so painstakingly set up. Let’s face it- setting up a successful trade show booth is by no means a small feat. Choosing the right design, getting the copy written, sending the designs to the printer, coordinating with what seems like a thousand people and finally setting up your customized trade show booth takes a lot out of the exhibitor. Add to it the grammar woes. Wait, what grammar woes? What’s grammar got to do with my trade show booth or business? That, my dear Watson, is elementary. In the rush to finalize designs and get them printed before a trade show, exhibitors often overlook a small but integral part of the preparation process.

The Grammar Check

Exhibitors spend thousands of dollars to set up a state-of-the-art booth with the best lights and graphics and modular displays preparing for the launch of a new service or to showcase their product line for a new audience. A sizeable amount of that money goes into printing literature that works as your marketing collateral, and exhibitors usually have professional writers prepare the content for their brochures. What does get overlooked in the rush to set up an awe-inspiring display booth is the content of the display. It takes one small misplaced letter to undo all the hard work that one puts into beautifying their booth.

Hire a Professional Proof Reader

It’s ok for a while to have a friend or an employee go through your content before it is sent to the printers. Maybe they do a good job, and save you some money. It is also easier to ask them to help you out whenever the need arises. But don’t leave it to chance. There will always be a difference between a professional proof reader and someone who is good in grammar.

The reason a professional proof reader is good at what they do is a simple one. Practice. Like any other expertise, proofreaders also get better at their job with years of practice. Hiring an experienced professional has its own benefits.

  • They will offer you a thoroughly checked copy without errors
  • They might even be able to make a few suggestions to improve your content
  • No need to keep pestering your friend or employee to check the content. Leave them to do their own work
  • Helps you identify your flaws, so you can create better content the next time over
  • They will help you create instant connect with your customers by creating easy to understand content

Don’t let a misplaced apostrophe or a comma ruin months of planning and thousands of dollars. With professionally checked and proofread copy of the trade show displays you can establish an instant connect with your visitors and build a successful reputation among your customers.

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