4 Surefire Ways to Design an Impactful Trade Show Booth

The design of your trade show booth plays a crucial role in building your brand image during the event. Your booth design is a reflection of your brand and helps in attracting attendees by making a bold statement. The more attractive your display, the more attention it well get from attendees. First-time exhibitors’ often get cold feet when it comes to designing the booth because the competition is tough and the pressure of grabbing the most attention in a very limited amount of time can be very stressful.

If you’re new to trade shows and looking for help in designing a remarkable booth for your business, then here are 4 surefire ways to achieve exhibiting success.

Match the Layout with the Logo

As mentioned earlier, your booth design is a reflection of your brand. Therefore, make sure that your booth’s layout matches the logo. Follow the colour palette and implement it from top-to-bottom on your booth design consistently. For example, when designing Google’s trade show booth, the best way to let the attendees know which booth belongs to Google is by keeping the walls, the floors and kiosks all-white with colourful chairs matching the logo, i.e., blue, red, yellow and green. The same designs should be followed for banners and pop-up displays.

Convey Your Message Clearly

Try to create a crisp and easy to understand tagline that the readers can interpret immediately. If your message is not clear, then no one will approach you even if you are the biggest brand in the show. The tagline should be catchy, to the point and not more than 6 words. This will state the message clearly and attract attendees who are actually interested in your product or brand.

Select Your Typography Carefully

Apart from creating a catchy and clear tagline, it is also necessary to choose your typography carefully as some fonts look different in larger prints versus smaller prints. Ornamental fonts and scripts are not great choices for large displays. If you’re choosing fonts for your large-scale banner displays, then go for bold and clear fonts as they can be clearly viewed from a distance. On the other hand, if you’re choosing fonts for smaller displays, some more intricate fonts can look good.

Choose High-Quality Graphics

Your booth’s graphic design is one of the important elements that draws a visitor’s attention. Pixelated images and low-quality graphics do not make an impact on the attendees. Therefore, make sure that your booth’s graphics are of exceptional quality and the images used are not blown up to look disproportionate. If you settle for sub-standard graphics and images, then it will show your brand’s carelessness and unprofessional image, thus making you just another booth at the event.

To design an excellent trade show booth that makes an impact, make sure that it features all the above-mentioned elements. Choose fonts for your signs carefully, always go for high-quality images for banners, implement your brand’s colour scheme in the booth design and create a clear and straightforward tagline. Follow these points to ensure a trade show booth that leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

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