4 Ways to Create a Buzz at Your Next Trade Show

Trade shows are a million-dollar industry that demands a lot of innovative thinking from marketing professionals to be successful. Everyone is striving to excel at trade shows, meaning it’ll be difficult to stand out from the crowd. You’ll need to be creative so your booth is noticed, especially if you want visitors to be talking about your brand for days after the event.

This blog post lists some best practices to stay ahead of the competition.

  1. Immediate and valuable services

Some of the best trade show booths typically offer something of value to potential and existing clients. They do this on the spot. Giving your attendees reason to hang around your booth is what gives you the upper hand when it comes to the war for trade show attention. You can get ahead by arranging for free high-speed internet, discount coupons or free food sampling stations. As you try these ideas, make sure your products and services are highlighted in the process.

  1. Giveaways and contests

It’s expected of a trade show to offer little trinkets or hold contests of some kind. These are great ideas, but always make sure these promotions fall in line with what your brand sells. Giving out free water bottles doesn’t make sense when your company sells chocolate milk.

  1. Fabrics, colours and creative designs

The fabrics, colours and design choices make more of an impact than you might think. Avoid DIY if you are not confident in your ability to make a visually dazzling booth. Contact experienced and reputed designers to avoid risks or designing blunders.

  1. Custom interactivity

One of the biggest and best ways to boost attendee excitement is through interactivity. Event attendees get curious if they see people gathering at a particular booth. To attract a crowd, you can arrange for fun videos and contests for the attendees. Do your own research and see the different ways you can offer interactivity to your brand and product.

Trade shows are exciting and challenging at the same time. You have to keep your staff motivated to make the shows successful and to keep your customers interested in what your brand has to offer.   Hope the ideas we shared help you with your trade show booth, good luck!

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