6 Useful Tips to Stay Organised at a Trade Show

Installing a trade show booth and making it a success is a tiring experience that requires proper planning and efficient execution. You need to be vigilant before the event and active during the expo to make the most of your trade show exhibits. In the absence of a thorough plan, your trade show booth can look unorganised and fail to attract visitors.

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To make it easier for the exhibitors to stay organised at the trade show, we’ve compiled a list of 6 useful tips that can help them set up a booth that is more rewarding.

  • Prepare a To-Do List

Before you actually attend a trade show, prepare a to-do list to have an outline of the tasks and deliverables to keep track of necessary information. It is an essential starting point for event planning that will help you avoid missing out on important details. Share the list with fellow team members and booth staff to keep everyone on the same page. If you fear losing the paper list, you can use a digital one to be on the safe side.

  • Consider Practical Décor Ideas

In most cases of unorganised trade show booths, one of the primary reasons is over-the-top décor ideas. So, to avoid giving a cluttered look to your trade show booth consider choosing practical décor ideas. For example, use of stack-able file tray, separate charging station, a dedicated refreshment room for booth staff and clutter-free furniture arrangement. It will help in enhancing the overall presentation of your booth and give a systematic appearance to your exhibits.

  • Test out the Demo Items

If you’re planning for a demonstration session or using several gadgets for displays, then test out all demo items and recheck that the gadgets are working properly. Schedule the test out at least two weeks before the trade show so that you have enough time to deal with an issue if there is any. Also, make sure that you bring some extra electronic accessories to the show to keep last-minute technical issues at bay.

  • Double Check Your Bookings

Travel, shipping and accommodation are three important things to take care of when you’re exhibiting at a location away from your city. Double check your travel and accommodation bookings and take digital as well as physical copies of the receipts with you. It will prevent potential hassles if suddenly your smartphone stops working. Also, keep all confirmation information ready and make sure that your team knows the same. Cross check all details with the shipping company responsible for transporting your trade show exhibits.

  • Don’t Forget Little Necessities

Carrying some extra items with you always comes in handy. Keep additional Band-Aids, hand sanitizers, bottles of water, stationery, brochures and business cards readily available at your booth to stay organised and avoid uncomfortable situations. These little necessities save the day when you suddenly run out of your original stock.

  • Arrive Early

If you arrive late at the event venue and start getting ready for the trade show in a hurry, then you’re likely to end up creating a poorly arranged trade show booth. To avoid last minute preparations and hassles, it will be wise to arrive early at the event venue. This will help you have some time to neatly arrange your booth and keep everything at place for a professional-looking, organised booth.

At trade shows, things are not always like you planned. You need to expect the unexpected so as to stay organised at the event. The above-mentioned tips will help you plan effectively for your next trade show without missing anything important. So, relax and start preparing for the next event in steps.

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