Audio Visual & Technology


The digital revolution is upon us. As we move from print to online media, major changes are also occurring with tradeshow displays and exhibits. Digital advertising strategies are starting to find their home.

Various kinds of digital displays have made their way into shows. It’s no longer sufficient to have a static display to compete for eye balls.



  • Monitors, Stands & Sound Equipment

    At Radiant we have a host of AV equipment that is available for purchase or rent. We carry horizontal and vertically…

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  • Monitor Kiosks

    Monitor Kiosks are a smart way to convey your content in a compact manner. Since they are standalone items they can be positioned anywhere…

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  • 3-D Monitors

    The new 3D technology can literally make your display stand out from the crowd.

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  • Video Walls

    Video walls are becoming a more and more affordable option as the price of monitors drop.

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  • Holograms

    Holograms only used to exist in sci-fi movies. Newer technology not only makes this dream a reality, it brings it to the market at a reasonably affordable price.

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  • Fog Walls

    Light from a high powered projector is directed at a wall of streaming mist that is generated by water reservoirs in the canopy.

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