Stretch Fabric Premium

Stretch Fabric Portables Premium Family

An incredibly attractive, clean and practical premium display system for all types of shows!

1Premium Stretch Fabric Displays are extremely impactful and practical while still being lightweight. They are made with a soft and smooth looking stretch fabric zipped over a sturdy aluminum frame system. High resolution, eco-friendly, dye sublimation inks together with the washable, wrinkle-free Lycra fabric result in a brilliant yet durable display.

Compact and easy to transport! They set up in just minutes. All without tools! A large variety of formats, sizes and shapes offer you lots to choose from. They are a natural alternative to traditional more cumbersome booth displays.


  • Elegant yet Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble, saves you time
  • Check on the plane with your luggage
  • Single or double-sided prints
  • Standard and Custom Kits
  • A simple, lightweight and very slick exhibit solution
  • Accessories available

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