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How a Photo Booth Creates a Lasting Impact at a Trade Show

A successful trade show generates substantial leads, which creates a measurable return on investment. An effective way to attract visitors to your booth is by adding a photo booth to your display. There are several ways in which a photo booth helps generate buzz for your brand and it also has the ability to transform any exhibitor’s space from boring to brilliant.

  • Driving Traffic

People love taking pictures, especially of themselves. Having a photo booth at the event is guaranteed to generate immediate interest. It encourages visitors to approach your booth looking for a fun souvenir. A photo booth is a group experience, so people will be coming in with their co-workers and friends. Visitors waiting in line to have their picture taken provide the opportunity for you to promote your business and get to know your audience. Introduce yourself; ask them questions, exchange business cards, answer any questions that they may have about your service/product, of even offer a demonstration.

  • The Power of Marketing Promos and Social Media

Include a promo code with the photos which people can use to learn more about your services. It could be a raffle contest, a free trial or a discount. This is a simple marketing technique which could convert visitors into potential clients.

Photo booth companies often create custom backgrounds and prints. To create a lasting impression, a social media campaign can be developed surrounding your service/product. Features such as Facebook link, Instagram hashtags and Twitter Handle can be included in the photo booth backgrounds and printed pictures. In this way, the souvenirs promote your social media pages. People sharing their pictures on their personal social media pages allow the brand to reach audiences beyond the trade show.

  • Making an Impact after the Show

A digital photo kiosk has the ability to capture email addresses which can help create an email marketing list. In addition to using social media to share the pictures, visitors can be driven back to your website by creating a landing page specifically for all the pictures taken on the day of the trade show. Visitors can scroll through pictures of others at the trade show and enjoy seeing who else got fun snapshots.

  • A Hangout Lounge

Sitting down for a break is considered a luxury during trade shows since they are usually packed with people, displays and kiosks. A hangout lounge allows visitors to relax and rejuvenate themselves while they wait for their chance to take a picture.

A photo booth makes your visitors the stars of the show while creating hype around your brand. This, in turn, affects ROI and creates a lasting positive impression.

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