Design, Decorate and Deck Up Your Trade Show Booth

Trade show booths are an important marketing tool for every business. They play a crucial role in determining the success of a business as they are all about creation of brand awareness, irrespective of product or service. This makes it vital for business owners participating in trade shows, to optimize their booth for maximum gain. Gain here does not amount to foot fall alone, but also refers to the positive impression it creates in the minds of the attendees, so that they come back for more business.

It is certainly complex and challenging to make the best of a trade show booth because it is a kind of physical representation of what you want to offer, it could be a service or a product or anything else for that matter. Whatever you put and place in your booth should be able to attract your target segment and also create an impression as desired by you. Though the needs of every business are unique, there are certain thumb rules for trade show booths, which can be quite helpful while designing one:

  1. Less is more:

Graphical displays, banner stands etc. need to be extremely attention grabbing. The company logo, product, company name and some other crucial information like contact details, etc. should be displayed on these. Though you may want to display all the information about your business, it should not appear crowded and cluttered to discourage prospective clients from visiting your booth. The amount of information that you want to display ought to be optimum and needs to strike a balance between not being too much or too less.

  1. Bold and clear:

Whatever text content you display in a trade show booth has to be bold and eye-catching and very clear without any ambiguity. Remember that you have only a few seconds to capture someone’s attention and this is the best way you can with bold graphics and text. Use bullet points to highlight important aspects of the business.

  1. Add props and plants:

You can add a prop here and there and add a green bit to your booth to make it more attractive. A well done up booth always attracts crowd even if your product line or service is simple and common, you can make it unique through all that you put on display at your booth. You can also hang flags, banners, etc. for more attention.

  1. Give the booth a spacious and airy feel:

This aspect is more of an extension of the first point discussed above. Do not clutter too much by placing too many things in the trade show booth especially the entry and exit points that should be easily accessible. The flooring is also crucial and adds to a roomy feel with the right choices.

  1. Impressive staff:

The last factor is that you ought to employ impressive staff at the booth so that they can convey appropriate product information to every person visiting the booth. The person should have a pleasing personality and well informed about the product so that he can satisfy curious clients and convert footfalls into sales.

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