System Management (Installation, Shipping & Storage)


System Management Services

2Radiant Exhibits’ services make our customers’ lives easier by offering complete professional turn-key custom solutions to address all their exhibit requirements. Our “White Glove Service” means that all you need to do is give us the basic show information and we will do all the researching and services planning and ordering for you. We’ll take care of everything from; designing and producing your booth, ordering the show services, freight, installation and dismantling, and storing your booth. Or just pick and choose what you need help with. Our strong associations within the trade mean that we have a truly global reach.

Services include:

  • Project Management
  • Staging and Maintenance
  • Installation and Dismantling
  • Shipping and Storage

Project Management
Radiant Exhibits was created to address Project management needs of our customers within the tradeshow industry across all business sectors regarding handling, installation, dismantling & transportation. Our services are custom-designed to uniquely address companies’ individual needs thereby removing the intense yet typical frustrations. IF you already have existing booth properties our sales representative will prepare a customize proposal for your System Management program and associated costing.


Staging and Maintenance

4At Radiant Exhibits we will complete a full inspection of your exhibit properties before going to show. We stage and set up your complete exhibit just as if it were at the show, making certain the graphics requested are in good order and the branding is as requested. We will perform a complete and thorough inspection, making any adjustments or repairs before we ship your booth to the show. At this time we will also 5double check regulations to make sure your exhibit complies with all show regulations. Once the show is over and booth materials return for storage, we perform a complete cleaning, inspect for needed repairs and report anything that might be missing or damaged to you. You will be completely aware of the return condition of your booth and we will work with you to take the action necessary to have it ready for the next event.

Installation and Dismantling

6Our installers ensure they complete setup based on your timing request and once again perform a final installation completion check.

Prior to the show, you can use our “Detail Report” to easily provide the event details and your specific requirements. Therefore, at this time, should there be any questions, you will contact our coordinator.

Upon the event’s completion, our installer will dismantle, pack and prepare your booth for return shipment to our facility for storage if necessary.

Shipping and Storage

We will store your properties in our temperature-controlled warehouse, and stage the booth prior to shipping to the show venue, performing a completion checklist of all aspects of graphics, printing and construction. The shipment is delivered by us to the venue or in conjunction with a reputable outsourced transportation partner. Advance warehouse services by the show organizer might be utilized as well, should the option be deemed necessary. Should this be the case, you will be informed prior to the event of pre- and post-show handling costs.


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