Merge Art and Technology to create that ‘X’ factor in your Trade Show

Trade shows are happening all over the place and are no doubt an important platform for most businesses to showcase their product and services. It is essential for every business to participate in trade shows so as to create and project a brand image that creates a favorable impact on their audiences. However, the exhibits and displays in a trade show have a crucial role to play here and hence need to be chosen wisely.

With technological advancements taking place in every sphere, trade shows are no exception. You need to have displays that are backed with latest technologies to give your booth an upper edge over your competitors. Along with embracing technology you also need to ensure that aesthetics do not take a back seat as whatever you put up in your booth has to have superior visual appeal to attract visitors.

Some options of technologically upgraded with aesthetically enhanced displays that you need to look for when you are hiring services for exhibits are:

  • Customized designs, creative graphics and large format printing
  • Lightweight and portable truss systems, portables, pop-ups, etc.
  • Interactive displays and kiosks with huge LED screens that shall help visitors understand your business and what you are offering
  • Dye-sublimation graphics for attractive and vibrant visuals
  • Easy portability and storage
  • Easy and uncomplicated assembly, simple dismantling of displays and trouble-free storage
  • Wide range of accessories like product displays, banner stands, podiums, counters customized hanging stands, etc. to add more value to the booth

These were few of the technical things that you need to look out for while doing up your trade show booth. Let us know look at the aesthetic aspect that will actually augment the visual appeal of your booth.

  • Color co-ordination is important. The colors in your booth should be around the colors of your company logo or brand. You can experiment with a few shades darker or lighter but make sure that the color scheme is maintained.
  • Creative graphics are definitely attractive but make sure that they do not diffuse your brand or logo or your products. They should not be over-bearing, making it important for you to choose the design, size, color scheme, etc. wisely.
  • Arrangement in the booth has to be extremely eye catching but not distracting. While it is important to do everything to make your booth visually appealing, remember that the focus of your attendees has to be the brand, logo or products.
  • Have a common theme in all your trade shows. Divergent themes in different trade shows will confuse you audiences.
  • Avoid cluttering in your booth as too many things give a disorganized appearance.

Keeping in mind a few of these things will make sure that you have given your booth the best. Having a technically advanced booth is bound to generate interest and attract more attendees. In addition to this having projector screens with slide shows or live demonstrations or having a laptop allowing people to browse through your website are some more ideas that will work towards making your trade show an instant success.

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