More Essential Trade Show Success Tips for 2017

In a previous post, we discussed some trade show booth ideas for 2017. Well, we’re back to add to the topic with this post. Truth is, trade shows are an important marketing tool. About 67% of trade show attendees are potential consumers, claims Exhibit Surveys. That’s a huge potential ROI rate.

Nevertheless, let’s find out some more tricks that will get your brand noticed, even if you are facing stiff competition at the trade show.

Build a Unified Message with Cohesive Branding

Banners, shirts, standing podiums, overhead signs, basically every feature of your booth should display your logos and branding in a cohesive fashion. Cohesiveness is effective when rolling out new marketing campaigns at a trade event. It provides a unified message to an audience, making it more easily retained.

Experiential Events Increase Engagement

Having a successful marketing campaign is like having a video go viral. Everyone wants it to happen, but there isn’t a clear formula as to how to make it happen. There are however, some best practice actions you can do to give your trade booth a greater chance of success.

Creativity goes a long way towards standing out, especially in a space crowded with competition like a trade show. Games, tournaments and other interesting formats are a great catalyst for audience engagement. Experiential activities such as these are a great way to have your audience remember your brand long after the trade show is over.

Exhibit Fabrication Method

A way to stand out is by using unconventional materials to construct your entire booth. Wood and metal may be common, but acrylic, silicon fabrics and plastic foams will make your booth unique. Just be sure that taking this approach ties into your products or brand. Like with everything else related to marketing, if there isn’t the potential for a good return, then don’t do it.

The competition for eye balls at a trade show is fierce. Everyone wants attention and the attendees only have so much to give. You need to go beyond the minimum to get a good return on your investment. If you found your results lackluster in 2016, then now is the time to take that extra step and make your booth really shine.

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